Introductory course



The purpose of the introductory course is to give the student an insight into the everyday life and the demands of an IB education.


The IB education appeals to those who like the idea of a broad variety of subjects, which meet the requirements for access to a long list of further and higher educations.


The IB opens doors to leading universities around the world and prepare students for their future career no matter what a future study might be.


Those who choose to undertake the IB are typically young people who have high expectations of themselves and want a demanding, yet rewarding, education that will help them take the next step in life whether it is going to university in Denmark or abroad or working in a global environment etc.


As a student on the introductory course, you will take part in classes with our IB students and also have classes only with introductory students like yourself. You will be introduced to subjects such as:

  • Foreign languages

  • Mathematics

  • Science with laboratory experiments

  • Social and political studies

  • Arts subject, such as film & media studies


While you are here, you will be exposed to different work methods: Laboratory experiments, collective teaching, role play, teamwork etc