Admission Policy for IB

Esbjerg Gymnasium & HF is a government funded independent school without tuition fees, accepting all students irrespective of gender, social status, race and culture.


While the IB – Diploma Programme is academically challenging, students do not need to fear that only the highest grades will gain them admittance. Esbjerg Gymnasium & HF and the IB – Diploma Programme focus on a student’s willingness to work hard and with passion for learning.

If you comply with these qualities and have adequate grades and good English skills, the IB – Diploma Programme is definitely an option for you.


The ideal IB Diploma Programme students (or pre-IB students with the intention of continuing onto the two-year IB Programme) are typically young people with high expectations and students in need of a recognized High School diploma with tuition in English. They want a demanding, yet rewarding, education that will challenge them and help them take the next step in life whether working or going to university in Denmark or abroad.



Roads into the IB-Diploma Programme


Danish students who have only attended the Danish school system are, upon having completed their 9th or 10th grade exams and estimated “ready” for upper secondary education, required to enroll in the pre-IB before entering the IB Diploma Programme. If they are not estimated ready they will be called in for a written admission test. (Danish, English, Math, Physics/Chemistry)

The pre-IB is also open to those international students who do not directly fulfil IB-DP admission requirements. For those students an eventual admission test will be conducted in English.

Having completed the pre-IB Programme, students with adequate skills in Danish who do not wish to continue with the IB Diploma Programme can easily make the transition into the second year of the Danish STX Programme or one of the other Danish High school programmes.

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