Starting Friday March 13, 2020 and continuing till Monday 13 April 2020 all classroom instruction will be conducted virtually.

The schedule will stay in effect, and your teachers will post class instructions (texts, questions, videos etc.) in the respective modules in Lectio. In the modules, it will also say how and where your classes will be conducted. Some teachers use Zoom for their classes, others Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom or something else. It is your job as a student to keep up to date.

All rules about attendance still apply, meaning that if you don’t participate and complete classroom instructions during a module or by a given deadline, you will be marked as absent. This also applies for written assignments. You will get written absence, if you don’t meet deadlines. Once we return to school, you are expected to have completed all homework and assignments given during the lockdown.

If you have just turned 18 and are eligible for SU by April 1 2020, you can contact Lotte Budolph by email (lb@egonline.dk), and she will help you with the application process. Students who already receive SU are not affected by the lockdown.

As the Covid-19 outbreak still evolves, we will continue to keep you updated on any new developments and changes. Please check regularly for updates both on the frontpage of Lectio, eBoks and in your Lectio messages.

If you have tested positive for Coronavirus/Covid-19, it is important that you (your parents or legal guardians) contact the school ASAP either by phone or mail.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to every member of our EG family for your patience and cooperation. The measures we have had to put in place since the beginning of the lockdown have been difficult, but you have embraced them with determination and compassion.

With kind regards,
The EG leadership