First day of school – Wednesday the 12th of August 2020 at 9.00


When you arrive at EG on you first day of school, one of the very first things you will see, is a bunch of happy students in orange t-shirts – they are the FETs. FET stands for “Fællesskabets-efterretningstjeneste” which loosely translated means “The community intelligence service”. Their main goal is to make you feel welcome at the school and throughout the year, they will arrange all sorts of activities to strengthen the sense of community at our school.


Inside “The Box” (Boksen), which is located at the end of the canteen, there is a list with your class and the names of your classmates.

Programme for the first day of school

9.00 - 9.30

9.30 - 12.30

12.30 - 13.30

Introduction in the assembly hall

“EG-hour” and lunch

Here you will meet your new classmates, your homeroom teacher and your FET guides.


You will eat your lunch in the canteen. Do not worry about finding a place to sit. We have assigned seating for your class. If you did not bring a packed lunch, you can buy food and drinks in the canteen. The canteen provides a hot meal, a variety of sandwiches and other snacks. Method of payment is debit/credit card or MobilePay.

Joint School Assembly

After lunch we have a joint school event, where a stand-up comedian will entertain you all and make sure your first day of school ends on a happy note.

Second day of school: Thursday the 13th of August


On Thursday the day starts with an “EG-hour” in your first module. There will be a variety of ‘meet and greet’ activities and you will get loads of information about the upcoming orienteering race in Marbæk and the Intro Party, both happening on Friday the 16th.

Intro Friday: Friday the 14th of August


All day Friday is dedicated to “Intro Friday”. The day begins with breakfast at school, then the orienteering race in Marbæk, social activities at the school in the afternoon and finally the Intro Party at night. You will be in school all day – so bring a change of clothes for the party. We will make sure your bags are secure while you are away from school in Marbæk. You will have time to shower and get ready for the party in the afternoon.