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You can be accepted into the one-year Pre-IB programme if, you live up to the same criteria needed to get accepted into STX

How do you apply?

ALL applicants must apply via

You must state

  • that Pre-IB is your first priority.

  • which school you wish to go to, in case you don’t get accepted into the IB-Diploma. 

Also: You must send the Pre-IB application form to Esbjerg Gymnasium:


Please note that the Pre-IB does not follow the Danish grade based admission criteria for applicants with an international background.

If you do not meet the STX criteria or if you have any questions to the above, please contact Esbjerg Gymnasium +45 7514 1300


All applicants to the IB Diploma Programme must use Esbjerg Gymnasium’s application form and send it directly to the school. Applicants may be invited for an interview or a test before final decision on admission is made. 

Processing the applications

The form must be received together with the relevant school/exam papers no later than March 15th in the year you seek admission. Applicants from outside the EU must document at the time of application that they have already received the necessary residence permit to cover the two years of the Diploma Programme. Applications without such documentation in the form of a copy of the residence permit and a valid Danish CPR number will not be considered.

Esbjerg Gymnasium does not help applicants with applications for residence.

The application forms are assessed from March 15th and the applicant can expect an answer at the end of April/beginning of May. 

The assessment is based on 4 main criteria: 

  1. International school background, i.e. if you have attended an international 

    school or have received instruction in English before applying to the IB-Diploma 

  2. Ability and skills, i.e. your grades (if the report card is in another language than 

    Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, German, French, Italian or Spanish, there must be attached both a copy of the original and a translated version, translated into English by an authorized translator) 

  3. Need, i.e. if you have a special need for an education in English. The personal essay which we require attached to your application form is therefore of great importance. 

  4. Being the right match, i.e. how well you match up with the IB Learner Profile. Again, the personal essay which we require attached to your application form is therefore of great importance. 

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