Inclusion/Learning-support Requirement Policy


At Esbjerg Gymnasium STX- HF- IB


We believe…… 

  • In celebrating and valuing human diversity.

  • In building self-esteem and fostering the desire to learn.

  • That all learners are entitled to access a broad and balanced curriculum.

  • That all learners benefit from a differentiated, flexible (different learning styles), multi-sensory approach to accommodate individual needs. 

  • In increasing the skills and expertise of staff in supporting learners with special educational needs. All staff are responsible for meeting the learning needs of all students

  • That most students learn best in a mainstream classroom. Some students require additional support beyond the mainstream classroom to address specific needs.

  • That students benefit greatly when teachers, parents and students work together collaboratively.


(In accordance with: the EG Mission Statement, the IB Missions Statement and the IB Learner Profile, Standard & Practices Standard A 9, B1 c, B2 8, B2 9, C1 6, the EG Admission Policy)



At Esbjerg Gymnasium STX- HF- IB, the aims of the Learning Support Program are for students . .


  • To realise their full potential

  • To become confident communicators

  • To be active participants in their communities

  • To develop self-awareness and reflective thinking skills

  • To practice self-advocacy

  • To experience success

  • To continue learning beyond the classroom

  • To understand that they make important contributions to the learning of themselves and their peers

  • To understand their learning strengths and needs 


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (DP) is a person-centered programme that recognizes that all persons develop at different rates and have different learning abilities. Differentiation ensures that all students have access to learning at a level at which they are challenged and capable of achieving success. All teachers have the responsibility to plan, teach, and assess students in a way that provides support and challenge for each student. In addition, the IB offers special arrangements in examinations for DP students with identified learning needs. Some are determined by the school (e.g., students taking an exam in a special room or with a reader); some by the IB (e.g., additional time, rest periods, use of a laptop).


Students with identified learning disabilities receive SSP (Særlig Special Pædagogisk –assistance) as needed. (Including laptop, scanning devices, special software etc.)


A psycho-educational evaluation administered by a professional may be required to provide an educational diagnosis of potential disabilities in order to determine whether or not the school is able to serve the student, and if it is, what accommodations would be recommended.


The Student Support Team at Esbjerg Gymnasium at Esbjerg Gymnasium STX- HF- IB helps classroom teachers to meet the needs of students with mild learning needs. We believe that parent support is crucial to students achieving their full potential. Parents are actively encouraged to participate in the educational process in a supportive way.


Early identification of any barriers to learning, including behavioral issues means that appropriate measures can be taken sooner. The Student Support Team (SST), which includes an administrator, a counsellor, a learning support specialist (læsevejleder) and a classroom teacher, may make referrals to external specialists for assessment, if the need arises. Esbjerg Gymnasium STX- HF- IB does not offer the services of educational and psychological testing, speech therapy or physiotherapy, but may be able to establish contact to the relevant contact person for such services in the Municipal administration.

Regular communication between teachers and learning support specialists aims to develop a differentiated program that meets the needs of each person. Through collaborative consultation with teachers and support service specialists Esbjerg Gymnasium STX- HF- IB also aims to develop further strategies for improved student learning.


Communication of the inclusion/leaupport requirements policy


The Policy is easily accessible at the school website, which is open to the public.  Besides, future potential students and parents will be informed during “open house” arrangements and future students will have the option of participating in “Pre-IB or IB student for 3 days” arrangements before enrollment. Representatives from Esbjerg Gymnasium also inform and introduce the language policy to partner schools as preparation to collaborative projects. (for instance “Go Global”: a collaborative project with 9th graders from an Esbjerg Community school)



Revision of the policy

The Special Needs Policy will be reviewed ad hoc when required by major changes and periodically within the range of the next upcoming 5-year self-evaluation

Download the Inclusion Policy