Intor Friday – an entire day full of fun, hygge and party

Programme: Friday the 14th of August


9.15 - 13.00

13.00 - 13.45



14.30 - 17.00

17.00 - 18.00

18.00 -23.00

8.15 - 8.45

Breakfast in the canteen – bring your bag with your change of clothes to the gym. The gym will be locked while you are in Marbæk.

Busses will take all of you to Marbæk

Orienteering race

BBQ lunch and the winner of the orienteering race will be announced

Busses will take you back to EG

Assembly in the gym

Social activities

Time to get ready for the party. The bar opens

Dinner and party

Breakfast & Marbæk


There will be a breakfast buffet in the canteen – feel free to help yourself, when you arrive at school. If you take your bags to the gym, we will keep them safe until you are back from the orienteering race.


The busses leave at 8.45 for the orienteering race in Marbæk. You will have to solve different puzzles and you will meet some of EG’s teachers at the posts.


At 13.00 we will all meet for lunch. There will be sausages on the BBQ and the winning team of the orienteering race will be announced.


At 13.45 the busses will take you back to EG.


Important: It is a very good idea to bring sun lotion/rain clothes depending on the weather. A drink and snacks are also important, and you will need clothes in which you can run and crawl.

The afternoon at EG


You can pick up your bags, when you arrive back at EG. The afternoon programme starts at 2.30 with folk dance lessons and singing and you and your class will decorate and set the table at which you will have dinner. Your class will also have a photograph taken.


Your homeroom teacher and the FETs will be with you all afternoon.


Important: If you are hungry when you return from Marbæk, you can buy yourself a snack in the canteen. It is open all day. Do not forget to bring a change of clothes for the party and a towel if you want to take a shower.

The Party


The bar and lounge area will open at 17.00. A wide variety of board games will be available, and you can buy beer and soda in the bar.


From 17.00-18.00 the shower and changing facilities by the gym will be open, if you wish to get ready for the party.


At 18.00 the party starts with dinner. After dinner there is folk dance before the disco takes over.


The party ends at 23.00.


Important: A ticket for the party (including dinner) costs 75 kr. You can pay for your ticket with either cash or MobilePay to your homeroom teacher on Thursday the 13th of August.