The identity and profile of Esbjerg Gymnasium 2020

The mission of Esbjerg Gymnasium & HF


The purpose of Esbjerg Gymnasium & HF (EG) is to offer upper second-level education in accordance with Danish law governing upper second level education, which includes adapting the options, contents and structure of the offered programs to the demands and challenges of the times.
At EG, the development of the "complete person" must be the focus of the educational course. In this way, the instructional, personal and social development of the student must all be harmonized.
EG must strive to be an active member of the surrounding society, which includes taking up the role as a powerful cultural and educational factor of the local community.


Visions for the school
EG is a part of a world in constant change.

EG takes on the dual role of being both a cutting edge and tradition-bound upper secondary educational facility of Esbjerg.


EG maintains a position as an independent and prominent institution in the educational make-up of the city.


The school contributes to the economic growth of Esbjerg, as well as to the city's stated goal of creating a comprehensive and flexible educational system through networking and cooperation with the various educational facilities, companies and corporations of the region/local area.
In that context, EG forms a powerful educational axis in the eastern part of Esbjerg along with UCSyd (University College South) and SDU (University of Southern Denmark). Furthermore, the outlook of EG is internationally oriented and committed to cooperation with schools and facilities for higher education abroad.


EG is a part of a multi-faceted and complex world perpetually in flux.
Thus, it is of essential importance that the core purpose of the school - students acquiring
knowledge, competences and comprehensive schooling - receives constant updates and
upgrades to ensure that it matches the challenges posed by a globalized and digitized society,
as well as those posed by economic bubbles and bursts, and the alternating job-market they


The educational course of EG intends to offer the students the best possible pre-conditions for further education and career development, as well as the ability to act successfully in both national and international environments


This requires the school and its organization to remain vigilant and well-equipped with the correct and optimal tools needed to successfully navigate the future challenges and complete the tasks facing this vision.



The values of EG
EG - far more than just an ordinary upper secondary educational facility

The school embraces a strong academic focus, modem and inspirational instruction, numerous options and electives in the selection of programs, courses and custom programs to the students, a unique school community that fosters genuine attachment, personal contact and a sense of belonging, as well as an inviting and state-of-the-art environment for both instruction and social life.

EG's core values are thus:

High academic standards and instruction

EG - here the academic potential of each individual student is engaged and encouraged.

At EG, students develop their academic and personal potential, which is reflected in fine exam marks and a high rate of completion.
The school prides itself on a beneficial and constructive level of personal contact between teacher and student and a comfortable yet challenging educational environment, which, along with the robust academic focus, contemporary educational material and trail-blazing and ground-breaking inspiring new teaching methods, helps stimulating all types of students and learning styles.

EG - a place in harmony, where mutual respect and understanding blossom

At EG we open ourselves to all people and creeds.


We have constructed a unique learning environment based on student influence, investment and interdependence. A learning environment where individual needs are both respected and acknowledged, and where everyone freely shares in their mutual responsibility to each other and the school.


EG embraces a diverse student body, all working and learning in different manners and styles, which naturally requires a diverse approach in how to best engage and support them for their optimal development.


EG also maintains clear and transparent boundaries and requirements, which helps ensure that students relate to each other in a way that is conductive to the formation of a positive, beneficial and rewarding social environment.


The physical and aesthetic properties of the school

EG - We offer appealing and inviting facilities, speaking to the desire to learn, create and thrive.

At EG the sky is the limit. We have modem and highly functional classrooms, designed to stimulate beneficial and multi-faceted instruction, as well as inviting communal areas offering plenty of space for grand thoughts, unbridled creativity and amazing social experiences.


At EG we are very aware of the importance of joining the physical and aesthetic properties of our school in order to create a fertile ground from which learning, comprehensive education and experiences can blossom.

The school and the surrounding world

EG-A place where courses and knowledge unfurl with local and global practical applications

At EG, the roads to the future begin.


We take part in numerous local, national and international collaborations, projects and arrangements which not only allow us to put coursework into a proper perspective, but also let us make it both engaging and challenging, which also allows us to apply it to practical, real-life situations. Through this collaboration we also increase the benefit of the comprehensive education and the depth of the inter-cultural understanding, while the students are more efficiently guided towards their future educational and career opportunities.

Resources and Economy

EG has a well-consolidated economy which insulates the school against fluctuations in the student base and other, unforeseen changes in the financial foundation. The school board and the management are well aware of their obligations towards both long- and short-term planning, preventing a pursuit of short-term gains at the expense of long-term stability. Furthermore, it's an important objective that no decisions are made without first being the subject of a thorough analysis and clarification process, in order to shine a light on both the educational purpose and sustainability of, and the actual need for the proposed action. Partly in relation to the school itself, but also when viewed in the light of the institution's importance for the collective educational profile of the region.



EG prides itself on only employing highly skilled and dedicated employees

Competence-building for employees and the leadership group both is highly prioritized, in order to ensure that the relevant and needed educational, instructional and leadership qualities are always present, to maintain flexibility and in order to be able to offer attractive and personal development opportunities.
Competence-building takes place through a number of initiatives such as:

• Relevant teacher training
• Knowledge sharing
• Leadership development
• School-based teacher training
• Participation in experimental and development projects
• Subject-teacher's arrangements

At EG we highly value collaboration, coordination and knowledge sharing between employees. Likewise we maintain an open and welcoming atmosphere of mutual trust between employees internally and between employees and the leadership group. Mutual information and continual dialogue between the leadership group and employees are considered vital pre-requisites for the school's continual function as a development-oriented and attractive organization.

School board, leadership group and administration

The overall authority of EG is placed with the school board, which also sets the school's goals and formulates the general strategy for education and related activities. Along with this, the board also approves the budget of the school.


The principal, along with the leadership group, is responsible for the daily management and operation of the school, and answers to the school board.
A characteristic trait of EG's administrative organization and leadership style is that everyone at all levels understand and appreciate the importance of exactly what sort of organization one is a member/leader of.


An important goal is to ensure that the administration and leadership group becomes and remains a part of the whole, working towards ensuring that all the school's administrative employees work towards the same objective, that of creating and developing the framework for an attractive and successful EG.


Employees and students are actively involved in decision-making processes whenever possible, and transparency and accessibility is always considered vital to the process. Accessibility, contact and a helpful attitude characterizes the tone used with anyone contacting the administration or leadership group for help.


Flexibility and responsibility in task-management and internal helpfulness are pre-requisites for an effective and functionally run system that avoids the creation of bottlenecks and delays. This is the case both horizontally and vertically in the organization.