Special Courses

Special 3 or 4 year courses at Esbjerg Gymnasium
-6 specially tailored upper secondary courses


Esbjerg Gymnasium offers 6 specially tailored courses. These consist of courses in the field of sports (Team Danmark and Eliteidræt Esbjerg), music (MGK), visual arts (BGK), theatre (TGK) and writing (FGK). The idea behind all of these is to make it possible for young people to complete an upper secondary education and do well, while also pursuing a time-consuming hobby at a high level.

Elite sports


Esbjerg Gymnasium: Team Danmark educational partner and part of the eliteidrætsgymnasier.dk network


Esbjerg Gymnasium is continuously trying to give students the best options when it comes to combining an education with a career in sports. This is why Esbjerg Gymnasium is part of the eliteidrætsgymnasier.dknetwork. The efforts of the school were recognized when Esbjerg Gymnasium was selected as one of eight schools, nationwide, to become a Team Danmark educational partner in the fall of 2012.



Esbjerg Gymnasium tlf. 75 14 13 00
Mail: Esbjerg.Gymnasium@egonline.dk
Sune Hother Petersen: sp@egonline.dk


Note that you must be pre-approved by Team Danmark in order to apply for an Elite Sports course at Esbjerg Gymnasium.