New study shows that EG has some of the happiest and most satisfied students in the country.

EG reaches an impressive second place in a recent report on students’ assessment of their education setting, released by market research firm Ennova.


Our results were well above the national average.


The study is comprised of 38 upper secondary schools throughout the country.


The students evaluated the level of education, communication, social environment, well-being, the physical setting and the school administration and guidance councilors.


The report shows that:

  • That EG scored second highest within the many parameters of the study, surpassed only by Dronninglund Gymnasium.

  • That the school has improved by 2% since the previous study (October, 2010)

  • That as many as 86% of our students see themselves as ambassadors of the school, or are supportive of the school.

  • That 93% of our students participated in the study (868 students), compared to 68% in the previous study.


“It is nice to have documentation of the fact that our students are thriving, at a basic level, and that they are satisfied with our school, especially in a time of increased media attention on stress, loneliness and competition among students”, says principal Erling Petersson.


This assessment of the educational setting is compulsory for upper secondary school.


The schools must have their students perform an evaluation at least once every three years, and the results must be published on the school’s website. EG has chosen the market research firm Ennova to conduct the study, and has also agreed to be compared with the other schools in a benchmark report, which is then sent to all the schools.


“We will be reviewing the report more systematically in the time ahead and the extensive background materials will, in conjunction with the staff and the student council, be used to create the foundations that will make EG the best upper secondary school in the country, rather than the second best”, says principal Erling Petersson.

Benchmark Report for Gymnasiums (Danish)

Report for Esbjerg Gymnasium (Danish)