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On your first day of school you will meet your new class mates and do different activities with them and your homeroom teacher.

Pre-IB equivalents 1.g and is a preparatory year to minor the gap between folkeskolen and the IB programme.

The first three months of Pre-IB is an introduction period where you will be studying seven subjects: Danish, English, Civics, Mathematics, Physical Education, German or Spanish and an arts subject.

You are also going to have:

General linguistics (AP) – An introduction into grammar and latin.
General Science (NV) – An introduction into working methods in science subjects.

AP and NV ends after the introduction period where there will be an internal examination.

After the introduction period, you continue in Pre-IB and you are now also going to study History, Physics and either Chemistry or Biology.

IB Welcome Event

In September, there will be an IB welcome event for the new pre-ib and IB students at the school arranged by IB1 and IB2. This is a great opportunity to meet with the other IB-students.

Parents Evening

An evening for your parents to meet some of your teachers and get information about your class, subjects and other activities.

Choosing IB subjects

In March, you will receive thorough information about what subjects and levels you can choose in the IB-programme from our student counselor and from our UU-vejleder. This will make you ready to choose the six subjects that you want to study as an IB student.

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