What is the PreIB?

The Pre-IB is a one-year preparatory course for Danish students who have only attended the Danish school system and for those international students who do not directly fulfil IB-DP admission requirements.The courses are in English as are the teaching materials. 


Having completed the pre-IB programme, Danish students who do not wish to continue with the IB Diploma Programme can easily make the transition into the second year of the Danish STX programme. 


Apart from being taught in English the programme is similar to the 1st year of the Danish STX education; alongside regular subjects, students complete several cross-curricular projects; General Linguistics and General Science.

The PreIB subjects:

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Danish A (mother tongue)

Danish B (For foreigners)

German (continued) or Spanish (beginners)


General science (=NV)

General linguistics (=AP)

ESS - Chemistry

ESS - Biology


(Enviromental Systems and Societies


Drama or film

Physical education



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