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Esbjerg Gymnasium - much more than just a school

EG is an upper secondary school with talented and committed teachers. EG is also an attractive school, featuring new and modern facilities both for teaching and for the students' social activities. EG has a very unique and very appealing school environment, with a both comfortable and challenging setting, which gives our students the best possible opportunities to thrive and learn. Our combination of academic focus, attractive settings and a unique school environment makes EG one of the most popular upper secondary schools in the region.

At present there are about 850 students at the school. This makes EG a large school, which comes with advantages in the shape of many possibilities for our students – a wide selection of subjects, educational options and specialty courses. However, it is important to us that the size of the school does not become too overwhelming, as the strong sense of community among the students (the 'EG spirit') and our close contact with the individual students are important to us and one of the main factors our students emphasise as being a particular EG trait.

EG set udefra
Giving Back
EG og statue udenfor
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In 2012 we established an observatory, with an astronomical telescope, at the top of our tower building, and throughout 2013/2014 several of our science classrooms have been updated with new, flexible laboratories. Along with these innovative enterprises, the EG-tradition of academic and personal support for our students continues through such measures as study cafés (open three times a week in the afternoon) and courses on dealing with examination anxiety. We also have a focus on our academically proficient students through activities and special challenges. In addition to this, we are continuing our popular tradition of visits from famous musicians, comedians, directors and speakers. Within the last few years, the following celebrities have appeared at EG: Tina Dickow, Steffen Brandt og TV2, Carpark North, Outlandish, Svenstrup og Vendelbo, Morten Breum, Mick Øgendahl, Anders Lund Madsen, Peter Lund Madsen, Jonatan Spang, Rune Klan, Andreas Bo, Thomas Vinterberg, Nikolaj Arcel, Nils Malmros, Anders Matthesen, Lukas Graham, Pilau Asbæk, Chris MacDonald, Tobias Lindholm, and Mads Langer.


This is the impressive array of visitors that future students can look forward to as well, helping us establish that EG is 'more than just a school'.

We look forward to seeing you at EG!

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