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What is the IB?

The IB Diploma Programme (IB-DP) is a 2-year internationally minded and recognised programme, which opens doors to leading universities around the world, and prepares students for their future career. In Denmark, a one-year preparatory IB programme OR 11 years of schooling is a prerequisite for entering the Diploma Programme. Currently on offer in 139 countries around the globe, IB students thus become part of a greater community, united by the same mission statement and learner profile.


”I chose the Pre-IB/IB programme because it opens up many opportunities for me, both in Denmark and abroad, and because I get to meet people from many different cultures and backgrounds.” 

Subjects and core elements

Beside the six subjects (three Standard Level and three High Level - one from each group) the core elements: TOK (Theory of Knowledge), EE (Extended Essay) and CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) constitute the full IB-Diploma.

DP model

The subjects

Group 1 - Studies in languages and Literature

English A: Language and Literature SL/HL

Danish A: Literature SL/HL

Self-taught Language A/SL

Group 2 - Language Acquisition

Danish B: HL

Spanish ab initio SL

Group 3 - Individuals and Societies

Business management: SL/HL

ESS (Environmental systems and societies): SL

History: SL/HL

Group 4 - Sciences

Biology: SL/HL

Chemistry: SL/HL

ESS (Environmental systems and societies): SL

Physics: SL/HL

Group 5 - Mathematics

Applications & interpretations: SL/HL

Group 6 - The Arts

Film: SL/HL

Theatre: SL/HL

Extra subject from group 1-4


”I chose the IB diploma programme because I want to study abroad and this programme opens up a lot of doors. I also love meeting people from different countries and cultures.” 

Who are the students fitting the IB Learner Profile?

Those who choose to undertake the IB Diploma Programme (or the pre-IB with the intention of continuing onto the two-year IB programme) are typically young people who have high expectations of themselves. They want a demanding, yet rewarding, education that will challenge them and help them take the next step in life whether going to university in Denmark or abroad, working or living abroad. The IB allows for greater geographical and cultural mobility. 

Learner profile
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