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Where are they now?

Christoffer Skrumsager - Class of 2019

My name is Christoffer, I’m Danish but I have lived abroad in Scotland for two years and in Qatar for three years. Coming back to Denmark I chose IB at EG as it allowed me to continue studying in English. While doing the IB I worked at McDonald’s where I ended up taking 3 gap years, before starting university. I started on the HA almen line at CBS, which is called Bachelor in Economics and Business Administration in English. Having done the IB has served as a huge advantage for university, the books are alle written in English and having done the IB means I’m already used to it. I also see the harder curriculum of the IB being an advantage as a lot of the things I did in economics SL has served as an excellent foundation for what I’m learning now.  All in all, I would say the IB has helped me adjust easily to university even after 3 gap years, as the workload is not that much more different than IB. 

Former IB student
Former IB student

Maria Mandrup Bach  - Class of 2019

My name is Marie and I graduated from IB at EG in 2019. Today I’m studying English language, literature and culture at Aarhus University, where I finish my bachelors degree in the summer of 2023. Here I have had great use of the English language skills I acquired from the IB since all the teaching is in English and it was also a great asset when I studied abroad in New York City for a semester. The very intense literature teaching I had with English A literature HL and Danish A literature HL has prepared me very well for a literature education at university level. 

Former IB student

Moritz Genzwürker - Class of 2018

I was one of the first IB Diploma program graduates from EG as a member of the class of 2018. I am now nearing completion of the last semester of my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Aarhus University. My first two years of studies have led me from university-sponsored projects to collaborations with industry and the Danish military. The experience I gained during this time laid the foundation for my first engineering job at Danfoss, where I was offered a 6-month internship for which I relocated to Sønderborg. During my 6th semester, I went on an exchange to Norway. I took courses in Physics at the University of Oslo and participated in a rocketry program at Andøya Space Centre. During this time, I also worked for a start-up where I was one of the engineers designing and testing Norway's first liquid-fueled rocket. Instead of returning home, I continued with an internship at CERN in Geneva, where I wrote my Thesis on High Precision Alignment Systems. I have since returned to Denmark, where I am getting ready to pursue a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering at DTU.


IB at EG has given me an international mindset, motivating me to look for opportunities beyond borders. I learned to take risks and never to step down from a challenge. To not be afraid to take the road less travelled.

Yasamin Taghizadeh - Class of 2018

I was part of the first-year group of students to start and graduate the IB diploma programme at EG. I have since taken a sabbatical year and am currently doing my bachelor’s in Civil and Structural Engineering, specialising in Indoor climate and energy at Aarhus University. During my time as an intern and student-worker at engineering firms, I have worked on energy and sustainability certifications and ventilation systems in buildings. Moving forward I aim to pursue a masters in the field of indoor climate systems and renewable energy. 

The hours poured into CAS and experiences from it, helped me find jobs during my sabbatical year. It gave me the opportunity to pursue activities I otherwise would not have pursued or been able to learn from a book. 

The way the course of education in IB is set up, made transition to studying at university easier, as during IB we develop skills and methods of working independently on bigger projects.

As many who have completed the IB know, the experience can be tough but extremely rewarding and educational in all aspects of life. 

I can confidently say doing the IB has shaped how I tackle hardships in my current education and life. It taught me to be persistent, determined, and to persevere; have grit.

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