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Students, who have a documented disability that may affect their pursuit of an education at Esbjerg Gymnasium & HF, are eligible to receive reasonable accommodations. At the Student Support Services Center  (the SSSC) we are committed to support one and all in the learning process. Our staff joins together with classroom teachers to develop individually designed support programs for students. We welcome a carefully balanced number of students with mild to moderate disabilities at all grade levels.


Danish law defines disability as “physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.” It is important to note that a condition in and of itself does not necessarily constitute a disability. The degree of impairment must be significant enough to substantially limit academic achievement at Esbjerg Gymnasium & HF in e.g. reading or writing. To determine eligibility, it is the policy of the SSSC to request comprehensive relevant documentation of the student’s ability and the functional impact of the disability on the student in a school context.


Students, who are part of the Student Support Services Center, receive support aimed at fostering the development of their learning acquisition skills. With individually designed support, students acquire strategies that will enable them to proceed within the regular classroom and gradually become independent learners. Among the services the SSSC may provide to students with disabilities are access to adaptive technology and auxiliary aids, scribes services during tests and exams, materials in alternative format and exam accommodations.


The Student Support Services Center encourages students to contact a counselor if they believe they may be eligible for accommodations, or if they have any questions about the process for requesting disability-related accommodations at Esbjerg Gymnasium & HF.

Student counselling

If you are experiencing more serious difficulties dealing with issues related to your studies or personal problems, you can contact the student counselor. This is a service offered to students when the support of family, friends or the student advisory service is not sufficient.

Bodil Frandsen Schmidt (BAF)

Student Counsellor/Literacy Counsellor

Marie-Louise Møgelmose (MM)

Math Counsellor

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