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   IB CLASS OF 2022   

Last exam and Cap Ceremony:

Most of the IB students at EG will take their last exam on May 12th, but a few will take their last exam a bit later - on May 18th. In either case, family and friends will wait for the students in an allocated area where celebrations can begin when the students have finished their exams.

Celebratory Ceremony:

On May 20th we celebrate our IB class of 2022. Each student can bring 2 guests to the ceremony.

Studentergalla (Graduates Galla):

On the night of June 22nd all the EG 2022 graduates have dinner at the school and they celebrate that all their hard work has finally paid off.

Graduation Ceremony:

The Graduation Ceremony is on Friday the 24th of June at 9.30 in the sports hall.

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