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Last exam and Cap Ceremony

The IB2 students at EG will take their last exam on May 9th, May 10th, May 14th or May 15th. 

Family and friends can wait for the students in the allocated area where celebrations can begin when students have finished their exams.


Celebratory Ceremony

On Friday May 17th we will celebrate our IB class of 2024. Each student can bring 2 guests to the ceremony.


Graduation Gala

On the evening of Wednesday, June 26th at 18.30, we will host a student gala for the students. They will have dinner, sing, socialize, and dance. They will bid farewell to their teachers and celebrate that all their hard work has resulted in a graduation cap.


Graduation Ceremony

We will have a graduation ceremony for all graduating students and their relatives on Friday, June 28th at 9:30 AM in the sports hall.

Before the graduation, the classes will be photographed.

The graduation ceremony itself takes approximately 1.5 hours. Afterwards, there will be cake and a drink. Finally, we will wave goodbye to the students in the parking lot before they drive towards the Square and, as tradition dictates, dance around the horse

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