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   IB CLASS OF 2023   

Last exam and Cap Ceremony:

Some of the IB students at EG will take their last exam on May 12th, and the rest will take their last exam a bit later - on May 16th or 17th. In either case, family and friends will wait for the students in an allocated area where celebrations can begin when the students have finished their exams.

Celebratory Ceremony:

On May 17th we celebrate our IB class of 2023. Each student can bring 2 guests to the ceremony.

Studentergalla (Graduates Galla):

On the night of June 21st all the EG 2023 graduates have dinner at the school and they celebrate that all their hard work has finally paid off.

Graduation Ceremony:

The Graduation Ceremony is on Friday the 23rd of June at 9.30 in the sports hall.

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