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STX studenterhue


The focus in the STX programme is on general education and general study preparation. The academic standard is closely linked to aspects of the academic subjects, and the students are to achieve general education and study competence in the humanities, natural science and social science with a view to being in a position to complete higher education.



The emphasis in the HF programme is on both the theoretical and the practical. The education programme aims to develop the students’ capacity for in-depth study and their understanding of the connections between the subjects and to promote the individual student’s responsibility for his or her own and joint results. The students are to attain analytical and critical skills and achieve insight into natural science, social science and humanistic contexts. They are also to develop their linguistic competences.

IB studenterhue


The IB Diploma Programme (IB-DP) is a 2-year internationally minded and recognised programme, which opens doors to leading universities around the world, and prepares students for their future career. In Denmark, a one-year preparatory IB programme OR 11 years of schooling is a prerequisite for entering the Diploma Programme. Currently on offer in 139 countries around the globe, IB students thus become part of a greater community, united by the same mission statement and learner profile. 


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