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Why should you choose Esbjerg Gymnasium?

There is a very special community at EG. In addition to the parties, cafés, and cultural events, we have a lot of traditions. For example, we hold an annual musical, where many of the school's students participate, and EG-Games, where we compete across classes and years. You can also become part of the many student committees such as the Green Group, Student Council, Party Committee, or perhaps a committee you invent yourself.

At Esbjerg Gymnasium, you can look forward to becoming part of an active study environment. There is a good vibe and there is room for everyone. Right from the first day, the dedicated teachers welcome you warmly and guide you through the initial period. You shape and mold your everyday life by actively participating in classes and in events.

Are you starting PreIB in August?

First of all ...Welcome to EG - we are very excited to see you after the summer holidays.

We have loads of information for you about starting school.

Please follow the link below to find all the information.


Graduates 2024

Before long, the exam period begins, and thereafter our students  will graduate. It's a wonderful time, and a lot of things happening at the school. Here you can get more information about graduation events.


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, established in the 1960s and recognised as the worldwide gold standard of education, provides an academically challenging and balanced program of study to talented and motivated young people around the world. IB coursework balances subject breadth and depth with a concern for an understanding of the connectedness of disciplines and intentionally fosters international mindedness. Its reputation is based on rigorous external assessments which emphasise the development of the whole student: physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.

Do you need help with your homework?

Do you need help with your homework, or are you perhaps struggling with a written assignment? Our study café is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 13.45 to 16.45. The study café is also used as a cozy space for group work or just a quiet place to do homework.. The study café always has tea, coffee, juice, and delicious snacks.

Elite arts and elite sports

At Esbjerg Gymnasium, there is an opportunity to engage your talent while pursuing your education. The idea is to make it possible for young people to graduate with good results while engaging in a time-consuming hobby or sport at a high level. 

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